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Berat - the city of the year

A text of a young Albanian about his hometown

It is the second time that Berat is the city of the year in Albania in these last five years. The first time was on Autumn 1990 when this antic Museum City celebrated the 2400th anniversary of its foundation. And for this reason, it had temporarily the opportunity to become the cultural capital of Albania, to be in the center of attention of the Albanian and foreign mass media and, meantime, the appointment place of the people of art, culture, history, archeology, architecture, ethnography, Albanology etc., who came from different regions and places of Albania.

Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Its antic parts (the old quarters Mangalem, Gorica and the Illyric Castle) are the most historical, interessant, touristical and attractive places. Almost all the foreign visitors have expressed or written in their books or newspapers: "Berat is the most beautiful city in Albania!"

Why is Berat again the city of the year?
Because on Autumn 1995 in its castle will be organised and celebrated the National Folkloristic Festival. The Berat's inhabitants will dal vivo enjoy the very beautiful folk dances, folk songs, folk costumes, will enjoy the best of the Albanian Folklore.

Lets remember that the last Folkloristic Festivals were organised only in the castle of Gjirokastra (another beautiful Museum City 130 km in the south of Berat). The last Folkloristic Festival in that city is organised on autumn 1988.

The speciality of this great festivity and splendid manifestation of the Albanian Folklore is that not only the Folkloristic Groups of the Republic of Albania will take part and compete, but also the Albanian Folkloristic Groups who are out of today Albanian borders and live in their ethnic places. For the first time will be organised a Festival of Ethnofolkloristic Regions, not a Festival of the Districts of Albania, as it was last times organised. There will be individual estimation, not a collective one.

Another good novity in this festival is that there won't be politics in the texts of the songs. Never more political Folklore! We'll taste only the pure and true folklore of Albania that is too rich and full of colours and vitality. With its great true folklore Albania has won golden and silver medals in numerous competitions of Folksongs and Folkdances.

For this historical , artistical and cultural event the Albanian State is investing to the private tourism in Berat. Thousands of comfortable rooms or private houses will be ready and free for all the foreign visitors or people of mass media. And everything will be so good organised.

This September the beautiful city of Berat will be the most populated city in Albania, except Tirana which has approximately half a million of inhabitants.

Berat - the city of the antic history and old legends will become again the city of the new glorious history and the city of the new legends.

Because of the houses built one on one and because of the wonderful architecture that generates by this magic view, Berat is named »The city of one on one window«.

This attractive city will be the greatest scene of the Albanian Art and Culture for this year. So we're proud that our city is the luckiest of 1995, the city of the year in our dear country Albania.

Agim Likaj, Berat

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