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Journal Suisse pour la Cooperation avec l'Albanie


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newsletter Albanien
The journal newsletter Albanien was founded in 1993 aiming to enhance and to coordinate the cooperation with Albania. The journal is Swiss based, but everybody interested in Albania is welcomed as a reader of it. We try to provide the readers with information about a country nothing is reported on by other medias. There are articles about Albania in general, its history, politics, economy and culture as well as several articles of organisations helping the Albanian people.

In the beginning, the newsletter Albanien was subsidized by the Swiss government. Now, it's only financed by the readers who are subscribed to it. You can't make any profit this way, but that is not our aim anyhow. We want to help Albania and are trying to join other people with the same interests. Because of our small budget, a lot of articles are written by the readers. Even you could write something (especially when you're Albanian) - get in contact with the editors.

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