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Is Albania in Europe?

Reflections of an Albanian about the recent strugles

When you watch on the TV what is happening in Ruanda, Zaire and other places, you say that such things may happen also in the world an it seems that it is not normal but thatÕs all.

When it happens on your country and you face yourself this naked reality then it is an extraordinary situation and then you really realise the problems and the sufferings of these peoples.

I can understand now why Europe reacts so slowly and her pressure is so vague.

Can you realise what terror and stress you have, when in the hands of the children and youngsters, educated and ignorant, criminals and thiefs exists any kind of weapons: pistols, automatics, machineguns, bombs, mines, dynamite and so on Š every arsenal that a state army may have. When people are shot dead just for a simple quarrel, for a very old vengeance or just because you are walking in the street and a blind bullet shoots you dead, or you are at home and the bullets come through the window. To live or not to live: that is the question, no that is »luck«.

Now we have the Multinational forces, but what can they do, when the Albanian parties are fighting with each other to divide the power.

Now we have the National Reconciliation Government, but what can they do, when the Parliament acts against.

Every institution speaks on the name of democracy, but which one is right?! On the 29th of June we hope to have elections, lets hope that they will be fair. We have to elect honest, inteligent persons, but it is difficult to find them among the parties. Sufferings are lessons, the chaos we are passing must not make us different. Every day there are killed several people, most of them are young Š till when will last this hatred? We pulled down nearly everything we build during these years, we have to start again, but first must build a democratic society.

The Albanians must reconstruct Albania, but we need also the help of Europe, as it is like a baby that is seeking to breath. It is the forgotten baby of Europe. My last appeal is:

Please help us!

Flamur Gorica

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